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The three tigers who symbolically represent our adoptions were some of the first tigers ever photographed by our camera traps, and like all wild tigers, led solitary and elusive lives. Their descendants are amongst the last Sumatran tigers to freely roam our planet today.

When you adopt Langka, Birani or Cinta you’re making a symbolic but incredibly powerful gesture to protect the rainforest their descendants now rely on for survival. By adopting one tiger, you’re helping to safeguard this small but critical population of wild Sumatran tigers and you are actively protecting their habitat against poachers, logging and illegal encroachment.

Your adoption will start working immediately, supporting vigilant Wildlife Protection Units to patrol this protected habitat day and night, deterring poachers, untangling snares and providing a watchful presence against illegal logging and land encroachment. Just as important, your protection extends to all native species living in this precious ecosystem, making sure the tigers under your protection have an ongoing source of prey.

Tigers are extremely elusive predators and they live mostly solitary lives. Their needs can only be met when living in the wild in their natural environment. This is the goal of the International Tiger Project's adoption program - thank you for being a part of it.


Your adoption will support our Wildlife Protection Units to:

  • Protect tiger habitat
  • Prevent poaching
  • Monitor tigers and their prey species through camera traps
  • Undertake long-term scientific studies of the tiger population

Our adoption facilities

We need people like you to help us achieve our goals. Join us by adopting, donating and campaigning for action.

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