APE Protector: Tiger Patrol Team

Project Overview

West Sumatra is a crucial habitat for the Critically Endangered Sumatran tiger. Yet, this haven faces perils from habitat loss, poaching, and escalating human-tiger conflicts. 

Enter the Tiger Patrol Team, a force dedicated to our cause of tiger conservation in the West Sumatra region,. The team, part of the APE (Animals, People and Environment) Protector initiative, is funded generously by International Tiger Project supporters.

‘APE’, standing for ‘Animals, People and Environment’

Nagari Sontang Forest

The Tiger Patrol Team, in collaboration with the Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP), is taking significant steps to safeguard Critically Endangered Sumatran tigers, with the population currently less than 400. The team mainly patrols in Nagari Sontang, where the Sumatran tiger population currently roams without protection.

The Nagari people, who consider the Sumatran tigers as their ancestors, are central to this conservation effort. Despite limited education about the importance of preserving local forests and wildlife, the community's reverence for these tigers serves as a foundation for creating a 'Tiger Friendly Nagari.'

Goals & Objectives

The Tiger Patrol Team team is on a mission to save the Sumatran tiger population from Extinction. Their approach blends strategic patrols, community-focused education, and proactive conflict mitigation. This not only protects Critically Endangered Sumatran tigers but also empowers future forest guardians from forest-edge communities.

The goal of the Tiger Patrol Team is to develop local capacity to protect Critically Endangered Sumatran tigers in West Sumatra by nurturing local guardianship.

Conflict Mitigation

When conflicts arise, the team doesn't just react; they strategize. Working with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (BKSDA) they conduct initial assessments, scout conflict areas, document evidence, and engage with local communities. 

For persistent challenges, their forest patrols and camera traps become a silent and powerful tool, providing us valuable data about the often mysterious behaviour of Critically Endangered Sumatran tigers.

Support Law Enforcement

The commitment extends beyond patrolling the wild. Actively collaborating with law enforcement, the team infiltrates bird markets and virtual spaces peddling protected species. Profiling suspects and meticulously cataloguing evidence, the Tiger Patrol Team plays an important and covert role in the fight against the illegal wildlife trade.

Education and Campaign

The APEProtectorTeam is not confined by geography. They traverse schools, campuses, and villages, educating forest-edge communities about tiger conservation. Their vision extends further, with big plans to convert an office in Rimbo Panti into an information hub, sharing the plight of the Sumatran tiger - and how a brighter future is possible with your support.

Along with other important projects we support in the area, the Tiger Patrol Team stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, community engagement, and dedication to a difficult cause.

As they navigate rainforests and work with the indigenous communities that surround them, the team’s efforts are not just to save the Critically Endangered Sumatran tiger, but to preserve an entire ecosystem.

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