Business Support

Align your business with the International Tiger Project  to protect Critically Endangered Sumatran tigers and their natural habitat, while helping to make positive changes to the world. It’s something you, your company and employees can all share in. 

Why protect endangered species?

A threat to tigers is really a threat to us all. Their native home in the rainforests of Sumatra may seem far away but its preservation is critical in maintaining a fundamental balance of ecosystems that affect the world.

Carbon emissions from the wholesale destruction of the forest contribute to global warming. The remaining forest is threatened with drought or fire as a result of the changing ecosystem and so the danger is exacerbated.

The challenge to save Critically Endangered Sumatran tigers provides a unique opportunity to promote and communicate critically important conservation and environmental issues.

What can your organisation do?

Become a  Business Supporter of the International Tiger Project. Choose the level of sponsorship that best suits your budget and know that you are supporting our important work including:

  • Protecting the last remaining Sumatran tiger populations from poachers through supporting our Wildlife Protection Units
  • Conserving and restoring areas of high conservation importance
  • Protecting forest from illegal land clearing through our Safeguard program
  • Funding research into effective management strategies for tigers in the wild

To enquire about becoming a Business Supporter, download and return our Expression of Interest form to

Take it to the next level by becoming a Business Partner

A Business Partnership represents a strategic alliance between your organisation and Wildlife Conservation International. We will work with you to develop a bespoke partnership agreement that serves to meet your business goals and objectives while delivering maximum conservation impacts. 

Benefits include, but are not limited to, a tailored high value partnership agreement with rights to promote partnership, category exclusivity, access to exclusive assets including use of relevant WCI logos on product packaging and quarterly impact statements.

Partnerships start at a minimum annual contribution of $100,000 over three years.

Following receipt of your Expression of Interest we will be in contact to discuss partnership opportunities.