Your gift will help save the tiger

It’s hard to imagine having your leg trapped in a metal jaw

It’s hard to imagine which would hurt more - the torn flesh, the fractured bone or the anguish of knowing you couldn’t reach your two young cubs; alone, hungry and unprotected. 

It’s also hard to imagine a world without tigers, but with only a few hundred Sumatran tigers left in the wild, it’s not hard to see their days are numbered - unless we can count on you.

The International Tiger Project is striving to keep Critically Endangered Sumatran tigers safe, free and in the wild, but poaching is rife and we urgently need your help.

Your gift today will support our Wildlife Protection Units to vigilantly patrol thousands of acres of rainforest ecosystems, home to some of the last populations of Critically Endangered Sumatran tigers.   

You’ll be supporting our highly trained units to patrol this habitat day and night, guarding against deforestation, encroachment and insidious poaching.

You’ll also be helping them uncover and remove deadly poaching snares, which trap and kill not just Critically Endangered Sumatran tigers, but the animal prey they desperately need to survive.

The illegal wildlife trade is now worth billions of dollars, and as Indonesia’s last remaining ecosystems are rapidly destroyed, it’s becoming increasingly easy for poaching networks to trap Critically Endangered tigers and trade their lucrative body parts.

We’re working on multiple fronts to protect tigers and stop these organised crime networks, and your support will play an important role, assisting us to place camera traps along known tiger trails so we can identify poachers and support local law enforcement with the evidence they need. 

Camera traps also help us monitor the health and wellbeing of our protected tigers. This photo, taken in 2019 suggests this mother and chubby youngster are accessing plenty of fresh food! 

Your support will also help to educate and engage the local community about the laws against poaching wildlife, and the dangers of consuming wild animal parts.

Please give generously today, and help us secure the future for Critically Endangered Sumatran tigers - may they all live safe, wild and free.

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