Cattle corrals helping save tigers

Our partner Sumatran Ranger Project has been at it again! This community conservation organisation works closely with local communities to reduce human-tiger conflict, and one of the most effective ways they’ve found is to build cattle corrals - overnight pens that keep cattle safe from tigers.

The Sumatran Ranger Project’s vision is to ensure the long-term protection of the buffer zone of the Leuser Ecosystem in North Sumatra - and it’s on buffer zones that conflict between humans and wildlife often occurs. So a core part of their mission is to halt activities that damage the buffer zone and are a threat to wildlife, and to assist forest edge communities living within the buffer zone.

Cattle corrals are a simple but elegant solution to one of the key areas of conflict - tigers attacking livestock. When villagers are afraid that a tiger might attack their cattle, they sometimes place poison or traps to stop the tiger. Over the past year or so, SRP have discovered cattle corrals adequately protect cattle from tiger attacks, which is good for the cattle, the communities - and the tigers.

The great thing about these projects is they work together with the communities to build them, building relationships with farmers and villagers at the same time. In the photos below you can see the team transporting bamboo through the jungle for the most recent cattle corral - corral number five! 

The corrals have been so effective that the team is now in demand to build more. We’re proud to support this team of ingenious, talented rangers working in and around the Leuser Ecosystem.

To find out more about the Sumatran Ranger Project, visit this page on our website.

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