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Birth of Sumatran Elephant in Indonesia - Elephant Updates Jan 2024

Posted 22 Jan 2024 in Elephant Updates , News

The birth of a Critically Endangered Sumatran elephant brings renewed optimism and hope to elephant conservation.

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Forests hold massive carbon storage potential — if we cut emissions - Jan 2024

Posted 02 Jan 2024 in Orangutans in the News

Intact forests play a vital role in tackling the climate crisis by absorbing and storing carbon. Still, there’s uncertainty around ...

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Field Update from the Forests of Bukit Tigapuluh - Dec 2023

Posted 15 Dec 2023

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Eco-Tourism in 2024: What You Need to Know - News Nov 2023

Posted 06 Nov 2023 in News , TOP News

Learn about eco-tourism and how you can partake in the adventure of a lifetime, while benefitting orangutans and their forest ...

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World Vegan Day 2023 - Nov 2023

Posted 01 Nov 2023

Celebrate World Vegan Day with us on 1 November, and the impact that eco-conscious food choices have on our planet ...

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[VIDEO] Meet the team fighting for West Sumatran tigers - Sep 2023

Posted 25 Sep 2023

We're excited to showcase some of the remarkable work of the APE Protector Tiger Team, via their initiative 'PAGARI'.

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A New Female Ranger in West Sumatra: Meet Susi - Sep 2023

Posted 25 Sep 2023

Meet the Tiger Team's newest member, Susi, who is facing tiger poaching head-on, on the ground in West ...

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SMART Training: Bridging Conservation & Community in Sumatra - Sep 2023

Posted 25 Sep 2023

Journey alongside International Tiger Project Field Manager Alex as he delves into the heart of Sumatra, collaborating with ranger teams ...

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Launch of Forests for People to Support Indigenous Communities - Jun 2023

Posted 01 Jun 2023

Wildlife Conservation International (WCI) has launched a new charitable entity - Forests for People - ...

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Rescue of a Sumatran tiger caught in a snare - Mar 2023

Posted 21 Mar 2023

Sometimes, we’re able to save Sumatran tigers from snares. These rescue missions are huge operations, and must be ...

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